Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions are made exclusively of 100% virgin hair, collected from
around the world. Our 100% human hair extensions are made only from 100%
virgin hair that has not been chemically treated or damaged. This means our hair
extensions are the highest quality. The virgin hair is then gently lightened and
colored to beautiful shades from the blondest blond to the darkest brown, plus
fantasy colors. The extensions are bonded to the hair with a thin bead of keratin
that blends with the natural color of your hair for a nearly invisible look. The
application system uses individual strands of hair, rather than a bulky weave, so
your hair has free-flowing movement and a natural look.

Hair Types-

Pure European- 100% European hair, silky and straight or wavy, is best for people
with fine hair.

European Blend- Similar texture to the 100% European but has premium Asian
hair blended in which makes the hair slightly coarser but a better value
Pure Indian- The best hair for people with wave, curl or fullness and is excellent
for Ethnic or Caucasian hair.

Asian- Primarily used in our Fantasy colored hair extensions. Colors include cobalt
blue, baby pink, emerald green, royal purple, hot pink, lemon yellow and more....


The cost of having extensions applied depends on how many strands of
extensions you have put in. The average person needs 100 - 200
strands of
extensions to complete a full head. Shorter or thicker hair may need more.
Highlights or fantasy colors can be added with just a few strands. The best way to
get an accurate estimate is to have a free consultation. This allows us to estimate
hair and applications costs as well as inform you about care and maintenance and
answer any questions you may have.

Unlike most salons, we are able to
reuse most or all of the hair with a maintenance
reinstall instead of forcing the client to repurchase all new extensions. This results
in a
substantial (25 to 50%) savings to the client and recycling at it's best.